Benedetta e Saoul

Benedetta is the Founder, the Managing Director and the heart of the English Corner’s community. She takes care of the students, the teachers and of all the other realities connected to the school with passionate expertise and a lifelong knowledge. Saoul is her right arm, but also the Director of Studies: he personally supervises all the teachers’ work and gives direction and updates when needed. He makes sure our teaching quality always reaches the high standard our clients are used to.


Hello there. I was born and raised in the UK, but after graduating from university I made Italy my home. My passions in life include learning languages, travel, sport, cultural history (particularly the 1960s), cinema, theatre and music. I’ve written about the Italian music industry for the magazine Billboard and have co-authored, with Alfredo Marziano, two books for Giunti. One was about Pink Floyd (“Floydspotting”) and the other was about The Beatles (“Penny Lane”). For many years I worked for Speak Up, the magazine for learning English. Oh, and I’ve occasionally appeared on Italian TV, as an actor in ads and sketches…  


 Hi everybody! I am Michelange. I was born in Italy in a multicultural family and this has always helped me engaging with different people with very different backgrounds. I love studying languages and literatures and I like to share this passion with all my clients. I enjoy translating, and I find that this activity always comes in handy when I’m teaching. After my Master’s degree in English and Russian literature I worked in a very important museum in Russia, and then I decided to come back to Milan and follow my first passion: teaching English!


Hello, my name is Emanuela. I’m very fond of languages and a very passionate English teacher. Having worked for a Diplomatic mission in Italy for over 15 years, I decided it was time for my career to take a new direction. I now transmit my enthusiasm for English language and culture to English students: it’s great to watch their language skills develop, along with their confidence. In my previous job, I used to assist people in setting their goals and working hard together in order to achieve them. Now ..... I’m still providing the same assistance and support but in a different context. From experience, I can say that an effective teamwork between student and teacher can achieve the best results!


Hi there! My name is Leonard but everyone has called me Lenny since I was born. I’m American on my dad’s side and Italian on my mum’s.
I have been so lucky because having an extended family so far away and being able to visit them growing up gave me the chance to explore and suck the life out of both of my identities!
I actually ended up living for two years in San Diego, California and also had a brief experience in England. After all that, much to everyone’s surprise I decided to come back home.
I am currently studying philosophy at “Universita’ degli Studi” in Milan. My other great passions are music, cinema, literature, sports and mainly people!
I love to create a bond and discover each person’s individualities and hopefully make the learning process as stimulating as possible!


 Vi sembrerà strano, ma non sono un ologramma! Sono io che da dietro le quinte, cerco l'incastro giusto per le vostre lezioni nei calendari dei teacher.